iCharades is an app I needed one family evening that just wasn’t available. So I created it.

There’s plenty of charades apps, but they all have gimmicks that just get in the way.

If you want a list of charades cards that you can randomly flick through, with no gimmicks or having to enter player names etc.. and all for FREE then try iCharades.

What more do you need for a family game of charades!

iCharades remembers which cards you have seen so you do not keep seeing the same thing over and over like some other apps.

For FREE you get 1200 cards in 3 categories. Movies, Songs & Books.

If your feeling adventurous and fancy a challenge why not upgrade to the Pro version where you get more than 700 additional cards covering the very challenging Countries and People categories and an additional TV category with all your favourite TV shows.

iCharades has full support for iPad retina display and the new iPhone 5.

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