Tap Tap Tap!

The idea is simple, tap until you can tap no more! Every game and menu is dynamic. The colors change and the game never looks the same twice. Enjoy an ever changing environment as you create beautiful and colorful designs every time you tap the screen.

You already know how to tap the screen. Which means you are a pro at this game. There is always room for improvement!

All the menus and game colors are dynamic. Meaning it’s a new game every game!

See how long you can last tapping the screen. The game never ends unless you give up. How long can you tap?

-Time Attack-
Try and race against the clock and tap as much as you can before it hits zero!

Challenge your friends or match up with other tappers looking to take down your score on the leader boards. You can challenge and match up with people in sudden death or time attack modes.

-Leader Boards-
See if you can reach the top of the tap charts and crush your friends scores. Special leader boards for every game type. See if you can top them all!

Reward yourself with the simple task of tapping. You do it every day and it’s time you got something for it!

Keep tabs on your taps. Shows how many times you have ever tapped, taps per second, and tap counts for all game modes.

What are you waiting for? Get tapping!

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