Animal Puzzle+

Goodbye boredom!
With this great app your child gets an extra portion of animal puzzles. In total, there are 26 puzzles available in 3 different puzzle-variations and difficulties.
A very aesthetically appealing app for children between 2-7 years to improve concentration, cognitive abilities and memory.

Animal Puzzles+ offers:

* Farm Scene
* Forest Scene
* Arctic Scene
* Safari Scene
* Normal puzzles
* Set puzzles
* Solo Animal puzzles

Once the puzzle is solved little stars appear which can be popped by your child. This way your child can also practice responsiveness and enjoy his or her success.
Enjoy the nice Animal graphics and experience the progress of your kid.
Aminal Puzzle+ was designed especially with children in mind and without complicated menus.

To prevent an “accidental” purchase of the full version by your child please go to “settings” and switch off the In-App purchases.

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