Confidence: The Game

Now Available for FREE! A Must Have Trivia Quiz App!!!
• 4.5 star “Excellent” according to 148Apps, & One of the best trivia formats ever!
• Ranked the #1 Trivia format by the World Trivia Foundation.
• Unlock even better categories in the “Shop” for 2000 more questions!

Confidence: The Game is an innovative and exciting new head to head trivia quiz game! Players must rank their trivia categories according to their confidence levels, in order to play to their individual strengths. There are 4 levels of difficulty for every skill level player to enjoy this game. If you like “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”, try the easy level and see how you do!

Each player has a total of 15 multiple choice questions to answer over 3 rounds of play. Round 3 is Final Confidence, where everything comes down to one last final question! Earn points during Rounds 1 and 2 by answering questions correctly. The higher you have the questions ranked based on your confidence level, the more points you will earn!

Play over separate devices with Game Center integration! Invite your friends and challenge them to a head to head game!

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