Word Galore+

Word Galore is a “What is the word?” game that challenges you to figure out which word represents the synonyms given.

Along with the hints (which can be descriptive, synonymous or simply lead you to guess the word), you are given the number of letters of the correct answer. The beginning letter(s) of the correct answer will only be those that appear on the far left reel.

Those who are visual spellers will see the word, when all the letters are lined up in the middle row, before submitting a possible answer by hitting “Try your guess”

There is no penalty for wrong words.

Stuck and can’t figure out a word? View and download an ad at the top. Hints will help by giving you the first letter or a random letter (based on setting preference). Multiple downloads will give you additional letters.

If you enjoy crossword puzzles, then this is the game for you. Challenge your brain and have fun. After you beat a level, challenge your friends. Each level’s words are randomly cut and placed in different order each time you select the level/category.

On the main page is an option to rate this app. Please take a moment to rate it, from your comments will come more helpful features and more categories.

Enjoy Word Galore!

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