Santa vs. Zombies

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Once upon a time in the peaceful village of Santa, our friends were working hard making all kind of gifts for the children. Then one day a bunch of zombies appeared and attacked the village. Santa and Rudolph instinctively felt the risk, so they joined together to fight the zombies. Still outside is very dangerous….help the Santa so they can finish their Christmas job done…

Easy Play & Simple & Action Feel Good!
Cartoon Style Animaiton
8 Equiment
60 Level Designs
With Supprot Man System
3 Type Games (Normal / Mini / Bonus)
GameCenter Support
Badge Rate(No Damage, all collect socks, Save All People)

1. Nomal Mission :All Zombie claer!
2. Bonus Mission
– Save People : Zombies are hiding in the crowd. Kill them and find them!
-Tomb Zombie : Sleeping in the grave zombies. And sometimes you come out of the grave. Chance. Kill the zombies!
-Bald Eagle : Bald eagle is like a zombie meat. Eagle is now a zombie, and zombies are spreading the area. Must really be stopped.
– Snake Zombie : Get rid of all the zombies coming after the kids.

Change guns depending on the circumstances. it will be exciting.



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