Cradle of Rome 2 (HD)

Welcome to the legendary Cradle Of Rome2!

Have you ever dreamt of being an emperor and ruling your own country? Play through 100 levels of match-3 fun, solve puzzles and build your Ancient Rome. One of the most powerful capitals of the world invites you to become its Emperor!

The only wish you might have while playing Cradle of Rome 2 is how to resist the desire to eat its appetizing tiles.

Brighten your iOS with crisp graphics, colorful locations, and light music of Cradle Of Rome 2. Collect supplies, improve your city and watch it grow into a magnificent center of life, the heart of antiquity. You’ll have a chance to take part in the construction of such masterpieces of architecture as Coliseum, Roman Thermae, The House of the Vestals, Nero’s Golden House, and many others!

Dive into your adventure for free and unlock the full game from within the app!

P.S. Cradle Of Rome 2 is perfect for all ages – from 3 to 133!

– Innovative Blueprint mini-games
– Extra info about every building in your city
– Three game Modes including Blitz and Tourney
– Amazing Goodies including Bonus Challenges
– Constant upgrades

Game Trailer:

☆☆☆ Start your adventure for free and unlock the full version without leaving the game! ☆☆☆

“Plenty of challenge, plenty of matching, and who hasn’t dreamed of building a city with the splendor of Rome?!” @

“Cradle of Rome 2 offers the same addicting gameplay we grew to love with the first game, and just gives us more of that to enjoy here” @

“Simply said one of the best match-3´s I have played over the last year or so… I really like the challenge of some of the match-3-levels. Many of the todays games are too easy and Cradle of Rome 2 is just perfect in terms of the difficulty level.” User’s review @

“The most challenging game I’ve encountered thus far but not to the point of giving up. Finding myself drawn in. Wonderful graphics and intriguing. Very difficult to pass the time limits and so hard to focus on the colored blocks to break, but I do love the game.” User’s review @

“I simply love this game! The city is very beautiful!” User’s review @

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