Booya! is a fun and strategic 1 or 2 player card game which can be played on one device or two via a bluetooth network.

Playing cards are randomly arranged in a 10 x 10 grid with 4 randomly placed ‘FreeCards’.

Each player is dealt 5 cards and uses these cards to claim cards from the 10 x 10 grid. Claiming 5 cards in a row gives you ownership of those 5 cards.

The first player to own 2 lines is the winner.

FreeCards are cards that can be used by either player to complete their row. However, FreeCards are not the only Special Cards.

Special Cards are dealt out at random and include;

Create FreeCard – Allows the player to create a FreeCard which can be used by either player.

FreeClaim – Allows a player to claim any available card on the playing board.

Remove Claim – Allows a player to remove a claim made on a card by their opponent.

Swap – Allows a player to swap the claim on a card from their opponent.

Gamble – Allows a player to claim any card that is available but also randomly selects a card to give to the opponent.

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