Simon+ is based on the classic Simon game of memory. The game consists of four colors, and the player must follow the pattern of lights for as long as one can keep up. For example, during round one you press red, then for round two you press red and wait to press the next lit up color. As each round progresses, the amount of colors increases. What the longest sequence you can hold in your head?

Simon+ Features:
> Sound On/Off Button
> Increase/decrease starting speed
> Colors can be randomized – change every round
> Two-player option built in with the use of a second iOS device, Play head to head using a second iPhone or iPod Touch!
> Different ways to keep score with two different play options!
1) Touch colors on screen
2) Tilt phone in direction specified

Start using Simon+ now to test your memory and skills. Are you ready for the challenge?

4g, iphone/ipod compatible

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