Zombie Invasion!!

########### Zombie Invasion #############


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Touch Volume rating:84! ★★★★ by BryanChapman

Featured on TouchVolume.com with an overall volume of 84. visit Touch Volume to download the next big iPhone games BEFORE they go viral!

Favourite ★★★★★ by iinvent.r

One of my favourite

2nd ★★★★★ by Brady Baumgardner

2nd person to rate this games cool


From now on you are the god and save the world from zombies!!

★The entry of the zombies having a various kinds of costume!

★Let’s find and dump the identical zombies that card demands!

★Let’s dump the zombies in gods power!!



In suburb in New York there’s a small valley, one meteor fell on the ground.

This meteor has an unidentified powers then the zombies came up from the graveyard, this is how all started.

It starts from the small valley in New York it doesn’t take a month for zombies to invade the world.

This world has been ruined and people died, in worried he will personally dump those zombies.

By dumping those zombies the god lose too much power and getting weak.His strength comes from the people beliefs and prayers to continue the fight.

Meanwhile, the devil handle the zombies to control the world, also the devil do harm to people losing their strength and almost disappear.

One another suspiciously watch each move while the god condition obtain well first than the devil to attack.

You are the god you obtain well first than the devil, save the world from zombies.

iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 2.5G, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G.
iOS 4.1 or later.(Tested by iOS 4.2.1)


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