A.R.T. Lite

Say hello to a little robot named A.R.T. His name is short for Automated Relativity Traveller, which is short for, Artificial Uber Technology Originally Meant to Assemble Electrical Devices but Reassigned to Explore the Lateral Areas of Time In Virtually Inescapable Tests Yet Temporal Re-Adjustment Variation Effects Lead to a Love of Exit Routes. That’s right we made an acronym out of another acronym.

In this unique game you control A.R.T. through a series of puzzles. But the twist is, as A.R.T. moves around his environment, some cubes might move as well. It’s like he’s moving through time and space. During a math class we thought it was a pretty cool idea.

In this game you will experience:

– 10 unique puzzles
– An original soundtrack
– Some brain scratching
– Lots of cubes
– Teleportation
– And hours of fun

Good luck and be prepared for fun.

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