Classic Hits CyberScramble®

Ready to take on a game that tests your Powers of Perception?  Ready for a challenge that features your favorite Classic Hits Music of all time? The quicker you guess the correct song, the higher your score!   *IMPORTANT NOTE- Once you’ve downloaded your CyberScramble® app, GO to the INFO PAGE & DOWNLOAD ALL OF YOUR FREE ADDITIONAL CONTESTS!! DON’T FORGET!

CyberScramble® was born on local radio, now Classic Hits CyberScramble® is available on your iPhone and your iPad.  If you’re looking for a lovin spoonful of sheer fun, than catch a wave and ride Classic Hits CyberScramble!  One may be the loneliest number, but watch the groovy new addiction take hold as you throw a CyberScramble® party! Challenge your friends using the iPad2 ‘mirroring feature’ & Play on your BIG SCREEN TV!

Shake or rotate your device to discover cool new game skins. Once you’ve purchased and downloaded CyberScramble®, all of your additional downloadable song contests are FREE.  We appreciate your support and thank you very much!

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