Elemental Dusk

Elemental Dusk is a strategic card videogame for iPhone and iPod Touch inspired by Triple Triad, the famous minigame of Final Fantasy VIII that many have enjoyed. You never played Triple Triad? Don’t worry, you don’t need to know it to enjoy Elemental Dusk

Strategic fun: The game takes place on a 3×3 board on which players place cards, trying to conquer the opponent’s ones. Rules are simple, yet it can be very strategic in nature, making the game fun and addictive. You must be careful and plan ahead, because special rules and combos can turn a won game into a lost one. Show your friends that you are the smartest one!

Hours of gameplay: The game features 40 opponents with a calibrated AI and increasing strength, that makes the game always challenging and never boring. It features 56 collectible cards with beautiful custom art and a pleasing music, which give you hours of fun.

The game features:

– 40 opponents with a calibrated AI of increasing strength, that makes the game always challenging.
– Beautiful retina display graphics and visual effects.
– Game center integration, including online matches, leaderboards and achievements.
– Facebook and Twitter integration.

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