Cube Master

Rubik’s cube, you know?
This game is a 2D game cube.
It is easy and simple.
Touch the blocks to be moved.

Block size 2x, 3x exist.
Until version 1.1 there is 4x, but was removed.
It’s not because the bigger size is not more difficult.
Just take a long time only.

There are ways that you can play more difficult.
Number, Hidden is to enable the two modes.
Number mode, where the numbers should align to.
Hidden mode, the color does not fit the block turns into a black block.
If you enable both the more difficult it is both.

How to play the game of the Classic, Reverse there.
A mix of Classic will collect the same color blocks.
Reverse the mix will fit into a block that looks like.

All records in the game center if it is registered will remain in the game center.
Your skills can notify users Worldwide.

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