Someone has given you a potato that has reached critical levels! Quickly, give this dangerous spud to someone else before it explodes in your hands. Be warned you do not want to be covered in radioactive mashed potatoes.

This free app lets you play Hot Potato with as many players as you want. Now you can finally gather all your friends and family for a good old-fashioned Hot Potato night!

Features in Hot-Potato:

***Random timer insures that you will never know when the potato will explode

***Simple interface means the game runs smoothly and efficiently

***100% FREE – If you are the one billionth downloader, you will win our special prize, so tell your friends to download this app too!

How to play Hot-Potato:

Hot Potato is a party game where players pass a ‘potato’ around while music is playing. When the potato explodes at a random time, the player holding the potato is out. Play continues until there is only one player remaining.


Note: Please pass the device carefully to the next player. Your iOS device will be very appreciative.

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