Silly games with daft characters are a must for your iPhone/iPad and Chicken is no exception!

Rub the screen up and down (nice and straight now) and raise that power bar for a great score! Get the right hand power bar into the “green zone” for extra time but keep it out of the red or you lose time really fast!!!

It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s absorbing – we love it! Chicken is totally addictive and 100% fun!

You need 1,000,000 points to reach “Legend” status… how far can you get?

The sound effects are fantastic, the interactive characters are awesome, after all, where else will chickens blink at you, raise their eyebrows and go cross eyed?

Go on, download this game and give it a try. And, more importantly, pay the tiny fee to get the full version!


*Free version comes with the Chicken… For a bit extra you can play Worm and Monkey as well!

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