Ray Marching

★ You are the Sun to control the ray. Your army, photons will march along the ray.
Flowers are waiting to be saved from the threat of darkness.
Can you rescue them?

★ Youtube: http://youtu.be/jOZK-8UzwbM

★ Rules are simple:
1. March the photons as many as possible.
2. With your items, change the marching direction or increase troops by cloning.
3. Don’t lose your photons, if you can.
4. Of course, don’t lose flowers!

Too simple? Well…it’s up to you!

Before you get started a new stage, don’t forget to open the preview of the map and build a plan, ‘coz time is ticking!

★ Features:
– 5 fun worlds & 100 challenging stages
– 4 unique items
– Retina display support
– Easy control
– Game Center Leaderboards/Achievements
– More updates are coming!

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