Lucky Cash Out

Lucky Cash Out is a very popular virtual gambling game with exquisite graphics that users can enjoy. Feel the tension and frenzied atmosphere of a real casino! There are eight bets you can place in the game: apple, watermelon, papaya, orange, bell, 77, a binary star, and bar.

Game Features:
Supports both Chinese and English languages
Induces a feeling of total casino immersion, providing a classic, exciting experience for users.
The realistic nature of this game is addicting – players will be entertained for hours!

The playing area is a complete square made up of 24 smaller squares, each of which has a target (many different items, usually fruit) inside and a small light below. Players use bonus coins to select the target they want to bet on. After pressing the start button, the small lights begin to turn around the square in each grid; if the small light fully stops at the target the player has chosen, the player wins more game coins.
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