How fast do you think you are? Challenge your friends and find out who has the fastest REACTION.

Whether you wanna spend some awesome time with your friends or solve the never ending arguments, this is your app!

Play with up to five of your friends with sound, vibration and lighting features that makes the game even more challenging and fun. Watch as the tension builds up and see who can keep it up.

Sporting an unique, simple and exclusive interface, this game is sure to keep you and your friends entertained.

Playing is easy! Set the number of players. Click “Go!”. Touch your button. Keep it pressed and pay attention… as soon as the music stops and/or the light flashes, have the fastest REACTION and move your finger away!

★ Great and simple gameplay that’s sure to keep you hooked!
★ Beautifully designed.
★ Sound effects to add even more tension.
★ Gather up to five friends for even more fun.
★ Enhanced for iPhone with vibrating feature and Retina Display support.

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