MyChoice Bingo for iPad

Bingo is a famous group game.Are you bored by playing Bingo with numbers! We have created variation in which you can setup your own choices. Your choice can be celebrties/friends names/state names/ baby items/ movie names etc.
Once you setup choices, you can print n number of player tickets with the choices you entered. So it’s like you can design your own Bingo! Caller can ask players to act on the choices and other players can guess! Players mark off choices on a ticket as they are randomly called out, in order to achieve a winning combination. This is a very simple game played in large group at parties. It is a lot of fun and excitement since it is purely based on luck.


* Can be played over Projector (e.g. Optima mini projector ) 
* Audio Caller option.
* Great User Interface
* Unlimited Undo options
* Enter your own unique choices.
* Take Photo feature is added
* You can enter your choice of name
* Take Photo of Bingo Ticket
* User can customize his choice of name as Presenter
* Can listen to iPod music while playing.
* Game gets saved when application exits , interruptions like click on ads, phone calls are managed.

Good luck to you all for Bingo! Enjoy !

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