Drop N Pop


Drop N Pop is a physics-based game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. 
Players have the ability of tapping like objects off of the screen before
the baskets they are dropping into have filled and overflow. Objects include
a set of ladybugs, a set of skulls, a set of robot heads, a set of mechanical gizmos,
a set of faces, and a set of guitar heads. More object groups to follow with updates.


-Control tapping off of objects by using one finger or multiple fingers.

-Beautiful environments and appealing objects.

-6 different object groups. 5 different baskets to use.

-Original menu music as well as original in-game music.

-Life pickups with accumulated scoring.

-Leaderboards are provided. Drop N Pop is fully Game Center Enabled.

-One app, Three devices! (iPhone, iPhone4 (retina) and iPad!)

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