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Terrorist Zombies is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Terrorist Zombies Review

When you’re defending a military base against endless waves of bomb-strapped zombies, you’re not defending against terrorism. You’re fighting a war. And while Terrorist Zombies might be a more attention-grabing title than Zombie War, let’s call a spade a spade. This is a game about mowing down an undead army while they try to blow you to kingdom come. The zombie war has begun.

In Terrorist Zombies, you’re planted in one spot and you’re unable to move, no matter how many zombies are rushing at your delicious brain. The zombies come in waves, starting far away and closing the distance at varying speeds. Some waltz at you in a straight line, while others spider-hop back and forth (looking rather ridiculous) to avoid your fire. Most can be taken out with a few shots, but some armored ones require multiple clips before they fall.

Destroy the office jockeys.

Control-wise all you really do is move a crosshair around on the screen and tap the fire button, but it works great. Reloading is done like it is in the Gears of War series: when your clip runs out, you press the reload button and a meter appears with a marker running across it. If you tap the button again while the marker is in the sweet spot, you’ll reload quickly. If you time your tap wrong, the gun locks up, keeping you out of the action for a few extra seconds. This adds to the excitement of what’s already a fairly intense shooter.

Your starting weapon is a handgun, but for every zombie you kill you rack up money that can be spent on better artillery. Various shotguns, rifles, and machine guns are available, and so are power-ups that let you call in air strikes or decimate all zombies on the screen.

Whoops, got some on the screen.

So far so good, but the game has a few shortcomings. The zombie onslaught starts out very slowly, so you’ll do a lot of sitting on your thumbs between waves at first. The pace picks up by the seventh or eighth wave, but it would be nice to be able to jump into the meat of the game quickly. Also, the graphics are rather muddy and lifeless, so don’t expect to be wowed even when the game goes cinematic and shows your bullet penetrate a zombie in slow-mo. Possibly because of the murky graphics, headshots– for which you’re given extra money– are incredibly difficult to get.

Aside from those qualms, we had fun with Terrorist Zombies. It’s an intense shooter, even if it never rises far above the horde of other adequate zombie games out there. Still, if you want an adrenaline boost, Terrorist Zombies delivers.