Do you like puzzles? Then this is the app for you! You can choose from 10 beautiful photos and solve then as a sliding puzzle.

In this kind of puzzle there’s one gap. You can only move parts adjacent to this gap. The goal is to recreate the original image.

But what does this app not make a ordinary sliding puzzle? You can take your own photos with the iPod/iPod Touch camera or use a photo from your photo library, and use that photo as the puzzle! Solve a photo from your dog, house or yourself! The possibilities are endless!

When you’re solving a puzzle, you can always choose to quit and save the current puzzle that you’re trying to solve. You can continue that puzzle later or start a new one.

The goal is to solve the puzzle as fast as possible. There’s a timer to hold track how long you take to solve it.

Don’t hesitate and try this app for the low price of $0.99 (0.79 euro). Good luck!

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