Christmas Balls-BOOM


The simplicity of this game is just so striking, because there is nothing more to it than a single rule, and yet it works beautifully.
Christmas Balls BOOM is an interesting puzzle game to pick up anytime we are bored. It doesn’t require much hard work and yet is lots of fun. Sometimes simplicity works best.


Christmas Balls BOOM – is a captivating puzzle game, which won’t leave you indifferent!
Your task is to find 4 identical christmas balls which are the corners of the rectangle. Then it will break! The larger rectangle you will find the more bonus points you will have. If you have difficulties while searching for rectangle, the game will hint you where to search for it.
In application there are two variants of game for your pleasure: Classic & Timed.

Enjoy colorful graphics and animation, pleasant sound and exciting gameplay.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

– exciting gameplay
– 2 variants of game
– hints
– bonuses
– GameCenter and OpenFeint leaderboard!

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