Santa's Sidekick.

This Christmas you’ll never get bore, this is a right game for you and the kids. You’ll love it!
Let’s help Santa collect presents! Everybody love Christmas presents, are you ready? GO!

Dear everyone

Every Christmas, Santa is very busy. Can you imagine how many presents he need to pack? Millions of them! He has to pack a bag then send those presents out, after that, he go back to the present factory to pack again and send them out again. A difficult job huh?

Now one of his little deer wants to give him a hand! There are some conveyor belts on the sides of your screen, and they are sending presents to you, please just help our lovely deer to catch them.

Tap a conveyor belt, the little deer will hold the bag towards the belt, and wait the present fall into the bag.

Thank you for your help
& Merry Christmas!

Best Regards


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