Follow Me!

Follow Me! is a completely new concept. You tilt the iPhone to follow the Ball on the Grid, and push on one of the four colored buttons as fast as you can. Simple? Try it and see for yourself…

fifteen’s best game is now on the App Store!
It is truly unique in its category!

Follow Me! is featured on the New & Noteworthy sections of the Family and Action games!

If you’re searching for a fast-paced game to challenge yourself and your friends, Follow Me! is made for you.
Plus, since you paid for the game, you can ask for new features, and if your idea stands out, we will build the feature and highlight you and your contribution in the game!

Get hours of fun and unlimited challenge with those amazing features !

✔ Truly unique and original game
✔ Original funky graphics and music with a beautifully animated user interface
✔ Leaderboards and achievements
✔ The ability to ask for new features
✔ Increasing intensity
✔ Funny stats
✔ Unlimited challenge
✔ Frequent updates (with new features)
✔ Helps you to stay focused
✔ Retina display support

☛ What’s next? ☚

• New gaming levels with new game elements and gameplay such as sprint mode, night mode, …
• New worlds with new music
• Multiplayer
• Maybe your awesome feature…

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