bridges +

The best time killer app, which also sharpens your mind.
You will be amazed by the feature set and how simple the UI is designed.
Game description: You have a set of islands distributed across the playing area. Each island contains a number. Your aim is to connect the islands together with bridges, satisfying certain constraints given in instrunctions section. ******Features of the APP**********
*Simple intuitive user interface design.
*Support for FACEBOOK.
You can post cool finished game images to your facebook profile along with gameID and score.
*Challenge your friends best score with the same gameID and post the results to your profile with a single tap.
*Thorough instructions manual about the game rules and user interaction steps.
*The board can be configured to have nice background images or plain colors.
*Three levels of difficulty stages.
*Supports different board sizes from 5X5 to 10X15.
*The obvious errors will be highlighted with different colors.
*The game can save Top 10 scores for all board configurations and difficulty levels.
Simple and addictive game. Go & grab it and start challenging your friends with cool images posted to your facbook profile.

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