Juggling for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Grab the balls and throw them in the air and grab the falling fruit for points. High score screen allows you to email your scores to friends and family! And include pictures from your library in the emails.

!!Supports multitouch, so you can throw two balls at once!!

Kids – three balls – don’t lose health, game never ends, grab the fruit, watch it drop – mainly for keeping the youngin’s busy.

Easy – four balls – lose some health each drop, when health is gone, game is over.

Normal – five balls – lose more health per drop, when health is gone, you’re done.

Hard – six balls – lose lots of health per drop, when health is gone, you’re done. Very challenging!

-Each time you throw a ball into the air you get points.

-Grab the fruit as it falls for extra points.

-Drop a ball and you lose health.

– If you leave a dropped ball on the ground and you keep losing health until it is thrown up again.

Enjoy. Give feedback at our website so we can improve.

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