Toy Car

This App is a virtual Toy Car featuring fun graphics, surprising features, and realistic sounds. Toy Car is powered by a ‘virtual friction motor’. To launch your car, move your iPhone in a circular motion (hold tight!), as you would for a real friction-powered car, and hear the engine revs build. As soon as you ‘release’ the car, it will sound as if it is running along the floor – it sounds just like the real thing! Touch different parts of the car to discover features (e.g. touch the windshield to activate the wipers).

Features: “Roll and Go”, realistic ‘friction-motor’ sound (just add wheels!) – Working horn – Working headlights – Working windshield wipers – Working turn signals.

Optional In-App purchase to allow customization of the car with your choice of color, roof graphics, stripes and more – 3672 different combinations! Preview these options by touching the rear license plate.

Toy Car is not an officially licensed product of any vehicle manufacturer.

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