Parking Lot!

Classic game with wonderful graphics and a huge number of levels!!!

Full version of the All-in-1 Logic GameBox includes seven top-quality games:
1. Paratroopers / A real challenge for your fingers, exciting and a very relaxing game!
2. Telescope / A unique puzzle! Test your logics by elaborating a way to get a ball into the hole.
3. Labyrinth / An amazing puzzle! Real adventure for your mind and your fingers!
4. Parking Lot / A classic game with wonderful graphics and a huge number of levels!
5. Liquid Measure / A unique puzzle! Find a single possible way to perform the task on each level!
6. Flip It / A challenging game with a huge number of levels!
7. Arithmetic / Check your calculation skills using the Arithmetic game!

★ Amazing collection of high quality logic games for everyone! ★
★ Awesome time killer with more than ONE THOUSAND levels and HUNDREDS of hours playing! ★
★ Incredible graphics and design! ★
★ One new game is coming with a next free update, so stay tuned! ★


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