The game will pick a five letter word (with no repeated letters) and you have to guess it. For every guess, the game will show which letters match with the chosen word. If the matching letter is in the same position as the chosen word, it will be marked with red color and otherwise, with yellow color.(A paid version WordFreak Pro is available in the Appstore if you don’t want to see ads)

The game can be played in single player or two-player mode. You can play with nearby friends over Bluetooth or play online against other WordFreak players. For Bluetooth mode, bring the two iPhones running WordFreak near each other and start P2P play. In online mode, our server will automatically pair you up with another player who is also online at that moment.

– The game can be played with Beginner or Challenger wordsets containing 500 words each. Beginner wordset is included and you can buy Challenger wordset for just $0.99.
– You have 20 guesses to find the word. You can use a hint letter too.
– The game updates the disqualified letters list as you keep guessing.
– Max score possible for a game is 100 and it reduces by 5 points for every guess you make. Worldwide single player and multi-player leaderboards will showcase your achievements.
– The game is saved and resumed automatically if you leave in the middle.

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