Snake Game..

We are all aware of the very popular game called ‘Anaconda’ which I am sure, we all used to play on our Mobile Handsets at one point of time? Well brace yourself, because, this game is bigger and better than anything that you have tried till now!

Since this game is quite popular and common, we can cut directly to the concept and challenge of the game. The concept of this game is to direct the Anaconda to collect its food and grow as it eats. The challenge is to avoid the Anaconda getting into a loop and bite itself.

In this iPhone version of the game, there are five exciting and challenging levels. However, when I say challenging, I mean in terms of speed, because the challenges you’ll face here is the increase in speed with every level, loop death. There is no time limit and no other obstacles!

There are two versions to this game and that is in terms of the gaming controls.
1. Tap control – Touch screen
2. Tilt Control – Accelerometer
The first version involves the use of buttons on the screen and the second version involves the use of accelerometer controls.
The differences between these two versions are:
1.Tap control – the buttons allow the Anaconda to move in only right angles (90,180).
2. Tilt Control – Accelerometer allows the Anaconda to travel smoothly in any direction with ease.
Caution: the game ends when the Anaconda gets looped in its own body. So be weary of this while playing!

• Exciting and challenging levels
• Complexity, in terms of speed keeps increasing as you go higher and higher
• Exciting visuals and graphics
• Two versions: Button controls and accelerometer controls
• No time Limit

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