Bloody Hell !!

Over 1.3 million downloads till now


Bloody Hell is a fast-paced, bloodthirsty game that puts the player into the shoes of a man hell-bent on taking the ultimate retribution from his adversaries—their deaths. Using a wide variety of weaponry including guns, bombs and nuclear explosions, players can wreak destruction on any and all figures that dare to cross their path.

The game envisages the user to apply a strategy to kill the characters because the ammunition for certain kind of weapons is limited and moreover, some weapons cannot be used to kill certain characters. Additionally, it requires a great hand and eye co-ordination due to the fast paced action nature of the game.

Game features:

1) Fast Paced Action
2) 11 types of characters to shoot at.
3) 4 Different types of Gun as ammunition
4) Bomb and Nuclear Missiles as ammunition
5) Retina graphics
6) Engrossing Sounds
7) Easy-to-use controls
8) Four different environments
9) Openfeint Connectivity
10) Cocos Live integration

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