Stick Hero

Download “Mega Launcher” launched today for FREE.

Play with a stickman to run on platforms, collects fruits and coins, fly with rocket, strike and break obstacles to move forward. Run and jump from platform to platform, strike and break walls to move forward, carefully jump so that you don’t fall on bombs which will decrease stickman life.

Run and run as you can jumping between the platforms. Tap and hold to jump higher. Track is fully random with random length and distance between platforms. You have to tap and hold to jump enough so that you reach to next platform. On different platforms there are walls to stop you. When you are stopped spike behind your stickman is moving forward to hit it. You have to trike on wall by double tap on screen to break it and go forward as quickly as possible otherwise spike will smash your stickman and game will over. Also if you fall down from platform game will finish.

This is a different challenge for you since not only running through platforms but also you have to move forward breaking walls. Third challenge is there are bombs on platforms also. If you fall on bombs it blasts and decrease your stickman life. If you fall on three bombs than game will over. Positive feature is you can catch fruits or coins to increase your life and score.

>> Openfeint Leaderboard and Achievements.
>> Run and Jump from platform to platform.
>> Obstacles to stop running.
>> Bombs and fruits to increase and decrease life.
>> Rocket to fly for few seconds.

Download it now since introductory FREE offer running and you will get more attractive features in future versions for free.

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