Touch It!

**Permanent low price of 59p/99c**

Touch It! is a really simple game. Based upon years of competitions where dozens of complete strangers will stand around a car, a house, or other equally desirable objects for days on end.

The aim is simple, place your finger on your button and be the last one to keep it there!

The game allows between two and four players, simply select how many of you there are, then each player places their finger on their button and keeps it there.

This app can be used for a number of uses, you can either play to win (where the last person with their finger on the phone wins the prize) or play to lose whereby the first player to remove their finger has to do something (for example making the coffee, buying the next round of drinks)

Of course these are only simple ideas, you can do anything you like!

Select two, three, or four players.

Each player places their fingers on their button.

When a finger is removed the relevant players button is removed from screen and a buzzer goes off to let other players know a player has left the game.

If everything goes wrong, hit the reset button to set back to basics.

**Version 2.0 under construction**
Different items to touch
Different buzzers for each player
Timers to help settle that ‘I let go last’ conversation.
Fixes blank ‘Info View’ with game options.

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