4Bloxx HD

4Bloxx HD for the iPad – free of charge for a short time only!

Languages: English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish

Interactive puzzle thanks to an innovative game concept. If you love Sudoku, like to puzzle and play, you are right on track with 4Bloxx HD.

4Bloxx HD is a challenging logic game for young and old. Challenge yourself, solve various brainteasers on the playing field, and win points playing against the clock. The basic version contains approx. 50 levels in various degrees of difficulty for hours of playing pleasure. Depending on what problems you like best, you can activate more level packages directly in the app. Invite friends to this fun game and compete with them in the Game Center.

Various game variations always ensure new challenges:

• 4Bloxx
play Domino-Square with the most varied themes and place all of the building blocks together so that the entire utilized playing field consists of squares, each with four identical symbols. Even if this seems easy with simple symbols and few building blocks, the degree of difficulty increases drastically as soon as the themes are very similar and the building blocks take on certain shapes. It gets really complicated when the Level-Designer intentionally creates “vacant blocks”. These building blocks do not consist of connected blocks, but rather have “gaps”.

• Sudoku
move the building blocks with numbers onto the empty fields so that a correctly solved Sudoku image is created. The building blocks sometimes consist of more than one playing block so that you really have to think about where you are going to place the block. And we don’t just play with numbers. There are Sudoku puzzles where you have to arrange numbers, colors, patterns or symbols.

• Puzzle
place the building blocks so that you create a complete image. Depending on the theme, you really have to think – you only have a limited number of moves and time. And be aware: the themes have a lot to offer;-)

• Patterns
the playing fields are occupied by a pattern. Re-create the pattern with the building blocks. Due to the various forms of the blocks, this can be pretty tricky. Don’t lose your patience – watch your number of moves and the time.

• 4Bloxx theme
instead of placing four identical symbols, you have to put together a theme from 4 blocks. What looks like child’s play can sometimes get really difficult. Have fun!

In the basic version, 4Bloxx HD contains a total of approx. 50 levels for you to get to know the game and offers several hours of puzzle fun. You can play against the clock, play with a limited amount of moves and collect points to compete with others in the Game Center or just play for fun without points, solve the puzzles and take as much time as you want.

Does this sound fun and you want more? You can activate additional level packages directly in the app at any time.

4Bloxx HD – the refreshing new puzzle fun for the entire family. Hours and hours of puzzling and expandable at any time for new challenges. Tell your friends and play for the high score in the Game Center.

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