Sudoku!!™ is a premium puzzle game offering hours of fun. Allowing you to play as much as you want, anywhere you want–with more than 1,000,000 different Sudoku starts already built-in. It’s perfect for players of any skill level or age. Get it today.

Sudoku!! offers all traditional features, plus many unique new benefits:
o Puzzle Factory™ game manufacturing technology built-in (play anywhere, no re-loading expenses);
o Four difficulty modes (easily change the skill level of the puzzle challenge);
o Games completed counter (four counters, one for each difficulty mode);
o Games started count (displays left of the version number);
o Easy Fix™ (erases all incorrect entries with a single button press);
o Touch-screen user interface (makes playing Sudoku more enjoyable than on a computer or in a book);
o Title Tap™ to sequentially move cursor between empty cells automatically;
o Audible Single Value Indicator option, when moving cursor over empty cell an audible ‘pop’ sounds if only one value is possible (can be silenced);
o Every 100th game presents a ‘designer’ starting pattern;
o Check button reveals if puzzle is correct or not;
o Hint button reveals the value at a cell;
o Solve button reveals the finished puzzle;
o Clear button returns you to the puzzle start;
o New button begins a new puzzle;
This game is appropriate for Sudoku players desiring fun or skill improvement.

Sudoku!! is the perfect entertainment for your mobile device. If you’ve ever played this game on a computer, you’ll enjoy how much easier a mobile device improves the experience!!

With Sudoku!!, you’ll have no further need for puzzle books (save trees, yeah) or Internet connections. You’ll progress more easily through the challenge curve.

Whether you’re just learning or already competing, there is a lot here to help you go further. Hard and Expert modes setting will not bump the games finished counters if you use the HINT button more than three times (yet Easy and Medium modes allow as many HINTS as you like and still bumps counters).

With Puzzle Factory game manufacturing technology included, you avoid the Pay-As-You-Play expenses associated with other apps or web clubs.

And when tapping the title to move the cursor, you will hear an audible ‘pop’ sound if an empty cell has only one possible value–you still have to figure out which it is. There are too many feature combination advantages to mention all here, but we’re sure you’ll probably find something you absolutely love.

Get Sudoku!! It’s loads of Fun!!

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