Memory Plus


Thank you everyone for the astounding response for Memory Plus. Keeping your suggestions in mind, we bring you the new version Memory Plus V2 with new features to make it more educative.

This is the classic Memory game helping you hone your short term memory skills and retention. The game is sure to keep kids and adults engaged alike. Easy to play when you are traveling in the bus, waiting in a queue or just in the mood of having fun and tickling your brain, Memory Plus lets you do just that with a touch of your finger.


New categories : Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Shapes ,Flags & Misc.

“Game Resume” : This feature allows you to pick up from where you left or further challenge your memory !!

Sound settings: Now you can easily manage game sounds without having to go to the settings page.


The best Memory game on App Store just got better!!

The target audience is all age groups including seniors for whom solving puzzles has been shown to delay memory loss.

The game has couple of unique features

* Levels – keep moving as you solve or choose before you play.

* Excellent images

*”Make it harder!” : Shake the phone and see the magic :-)

How to play: Tap to reveal an image. Discover another tile with the same image to match them. This takes the pair off the grid. You win when all tiles disappear. The lesser moves you make, the better it is. Least moves get stored as High Score.

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