Play ‘Scala 40’!!! A popular italian card game derived from Rummy. Play lonely or against other players online. Learn rapidly the basic rules following the guided tutorial.

In free version you play ‘single games’ locally or online. Full featured version offers many game variants and longer ‘score based games’.

AWESOME FEATURES (some available only in full enabled version)
– two offline game modes available (Single Game and Score Mode) to play against your iPad
– two online game modes available (Single Game and Score Mode) to play against human players
– configurable player strengths
– configurable players count
– configurable discarded cards usage variants
– configurable score assignment variants
– possible reenter with penalty for eliminated players (when in Score Mode)
– configurable jokers usage
– brief tutorial to learn the basic rules in three minutes
– video tutorial to learn possible gestures
– detailed help with all available rules and references to possible variants
– resumable games
– Game Center Leaderboards
– Game Center Challenges
– sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo
– and more, enjoy!!!
– for your suggestions feel free to contact technical support, we will glad to help you

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