4 Score HD

4 Score is an easy to play, tile-matching game in which the person with the highest score wins. It starts off simple but quickly escalates into a game of strategy and timing.

Scoring is based on the tile’s value (the number on the center of the tile.) By matching one side of a tile, you score that value. If you match two sides of your tile with two others already played, the tile value doubles and so on. A 4-Score Insta-Win occurs when you match all four sides.

4 Score comes in two versions: 4 Score HD (iPad) and 4 Score Mobile (iPod & iPhone.)

The iPad version contains a multitude of features including Multiplayer, Single-Player and Pass-N-Play, as well as extra themes for purchase.

The iPhone / iPod version is a simplified version that only contains the Multiplayer features for quicker download and less needed resources.

4 Score HD Features List:

Home Games (Pass-N-Play and Single-Player)
-Play and save up to 4 Home Games Simultaneously
-Keep track of Home Game Stats

Online Game (Used with Openfeint)
-Play up to 6 online games Simultaneously
-Social Network Access (Facebook / Twitter)
-In-Game quick-link to Openfeint chat
-Push Notifications

Themes Available for purchase:
(All themes change interface, background, buttons and tiles for all modes)
– Poker Theme
– GirlPower Theme
– Horror Theme

We hope you enjoy! Please don’t hesitate to email public@killersoftinc.com for feature requests, questions and/or bug reports.

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