4 Handed Chess

Same game, same rules, 4 players.

4 Handed Chess is a fun and challenging take on the old classic. In 4 handed chess, up to four players compete to be the last man standing on an extended chess board. Go it alone or as a team, against intuitive AI players or your friends.

You can play any way you like, by taking on 1-3 enemy teams in the ultimate chess battle. Will you be the first to strike or will you sit back and let the others scrap it out? Will you jump to aid a teammates checked king, or will you sit back and watch him perish; The choice is yours.

Join the battle by playing online via Apples Gamecentre, and you will have the ability to discuss tactics via live chat with your allies.

Want more customization? Modify the game settings to place strict time limits on each turn, player or team combined.

Compatible with iphone and ipad.
Bird’s-eye 2D and 3D views giving you the choice of preference.
Pinch Zoom and Rotation Gesture support in 3D view.
Legal moves are highlighted to assist beginners.
Support for up to four players via pass and play.
Intuitive controls.
Tap-tap to move pieces.

Full 4-way Multiplayer support via Apple Gamecenter.
More game modes – Custom and Team Games (1v3, 2v2 and 1v1v2)
Regular bug fixes and improvements.

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