4 Coins Premium

You like Captain’s Mistress or Connect 4? Then you’ll love 4 Coins.

4 Coins extends the classic gameplay with 3 simple but very effective improvements:
1) More rows (8) and columns (9).
2) You can play with 2,4 or 6 blocker stones. This makes the game much more interesting, since you have to change your tactic with every new game, because the board is different.
3) You can play with a star field in one of the upper rows. When a player reaches the star, he can remove a coin of the opponent. This gives the gameplay even more action.

Features and game modes at a glance:
– Beautiful 3D-grafic in a pirate style – Play with 2 people on one device
– Play online against opponents from around the world
– Play against one of your friends (search a friend function)
– Blocker fields, star field and the improved board increases the fun
– Detailed game statistics
– Climb to the next level
– Online highscore
– Time limit
– Beautiful soundscape with sounds of the sea
– Playable horizontally and vertically

No Advertisements, no gameslimit and Online-game-priority.

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