In this world , filled with battle , fame and reputation . What a magnificent country fight ! What a soul-stirring war ! The second, maybe you are successful; The next ,you might fail. You lead your attendants, and you will constantly lead them to battle with the world. You represent the success or failure of your camp. If you are powerful, and your camp is powerful. You determine the outcome of the forces camp. The brave of chaos, success or failure , life or death, win honor for your country, all of these will be experience in the game .
This is what the Heroes of the three Kingdoms bring to you . Do not wait anymore . You just need to click it gently with your fingers, the world will belong to you. Heroes of the three Kingdoms is right here waiting for your coming.

– Massively Multiplayer ONLINE War Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch!
– Join over 1 million players! – FREE updates with new missions, units, buildings, and more!
– Battle other players LIVE

1、Bring to you the most authentic history of the Three Kingdoms. There are the most familiar historical stories, such as having the emperor in one’s power and order the dukes about in his name, firing Wucao, siege of the White Horse. They are classic story of the Three Kingdoms. There are familiar characters of the There Kingdoms, such as Guan Yu , Cao Cao , Lu Bu , Zhuge Liang .
2、In the game, you can experience the battle in the Three Kingdoms period, fighting between generals, wars between countries and stratagem between the ministers.
3、Fighting between players allows you to better experience the blood history. Each player can challenge ones of other camps, anywhere and anytime ,as long as you want.
4、Abundant game features make you avoid dull when you play the game, such as mission, the crusade, the national war, summon somebody to surrender , territory, achievement.
5、You can experience real battle in the game. If you are defeated ,your territory will be destroyed.
6、Hundreds of props, dozens of monsters, a dozen for the challenges of BOSS. It will meet the requirements of different levels. You can find your favorite way to play.
7、Diverse achievements. It can achieve your dreams which can not be come true in the real life . Let your sense of accomplishment are met in the game .
8、Players interact through a variety of ways. You can get together with your friends completing the task and challenge it in the Three Kingdoms, you can also learn from players of other camps.
9、Ranking system that allows you to see your ranking more intuitively in camp, friends, even the world . You can also challenge players of other camps through the ranking system.
10、It shows you alternative design of characters in the familiar history —the Three Kingdoms, You can have a different visual experience.

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