3Kingdoms Wars

Ranked in TOP25 in 5 countries!! Play this another type of Tower Defending Game of the world of 3 Kingdoms!!
War is all about financial power!! Gain Gold by sweeping Rebellions and spend it to defend your Castle!!

You can enjoy this most Exciting and Stable Play

= 【Feature】 =======================
◆Two type of Stage◆
①:【Gold Earning Stage】ーーSweeping Rebellions
②:【Gold Spending Stage】ーDefending Your Castle

◆Shogun Selection◆
You can choose a Shogun (Main Attacking Unit), out of four each of them has a unique type of attack.

①:【King】:ーーーーMissile Type
②:【Swordsman】:ーWave Type
③:【Lancer】:ーーーPiercing Type
④:【Strategist】:ーーBombing Type

You can put soldiers to protect the Castle. Soldiers will attack on enemies automatically. Allocate soldiers effectively to protect your Castle.

①:【Swordsman】:ーClose Combat
②:【Lancer】:ーーーShort Range Attack
③:【Archer】:ーーーMiddle Range Attack
④:【Strategist】:ーーLong Range Attack

Shogun can equip 1 Jewel to add additional effect on each attack

①:【Fire】:ーーーーIncrease the damage
②:【Poison】:ーーーIncrease the attack hit rate
③:【Ice】:ーーーーSlow down the enemies
④:【Wind】:ーーーBlow the enemies away

◆Magical Scroll◆
You can use a Magical Scroll to put the Effects of Jewel at once against the enemies

①:【Scroll of Blaze】:ーーBurning out all enemies on the map except Boss Character
②:【Scroll of Venom】:ーPoisoning all enemies on the map
③:【Scroll of Glacier】:ーFreezing all enemies on the map
④:【Scroll of Blast】:ーーBlusting away all enemies on the map
⑤:【Scroll of Thunder】:ーStriking enemies in the selected area

◆Treasure Box◆
A Boss Character drops a treasure box when it was destroyed.
Check your luck to see what you get

Collect All Collection Items and Try to get more Gold Award

◆Beautiful Sound and Images◆
You will enjoy the game with beautiful and exciting musics

◆Cool Effects◆
Your eyes will be sticked to the monitor to see the great actions and effect of the battle

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