3Kingdoms Defenders

Play this Definitive Edition of 3 Kingdoms Tower Defending Type Game with Social Features!!
You become one of Greatest Kings of 3 Kingdoms in ancient China to conquer the Warring States Period.
It’s a Long Journey but with supports from your friends, you will achieve the goal!!

= Feature =======================
★Bringing Up your Shogun★
Unlike regular tower defending type games, you can take your Shogun Characters with you to your adventure till the end.

★Character Equipments★
Each character can equip 1 Weapon and 1 Jewel to increase the basic ability and to get a new skill.

★Items Refining Feature★
Weapons and Jewels are able to be refined to increase it’s ability

★Social Feature★
Ally with your friends to be rich or compete with your friends in their map

★Quests and Missions★
Try on more challenges in map and enemies

★Beautiful Sound and Images★
You will enjoy the game with beautiful and exciting musics

★Cool Effects★
Your eyes will be sticked to the monitor to see the great actions and effect of the battle