3DS QR Gallery

Expand Your Mii Plaza!

We can now send you push notifications when new QR codes become available!

This app is a community-driven place to find new and interesting Mii’s, or submit your own Mii creations. This app relies on you submitting new Mii’s to expand the selection. Our community has been very active lately. We have added The Hunger Games, the full cast for shows like The Daily Show and The Big Bang Theory, as well as number of Nintendo characters, actors and musicians.

Want to include your Mii creations in our community? Simply email exports (not photos) of your QR Code and headshot to qr@interactiveblasphemy.com and we will review them to be added.

INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED! All Mii’s are downloaded from the internet. If your device is not online, you will not see anything!

Need help exporting? Check out our post here:


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