3D Perfect Guns│24 3D Guns!

Want excellent 3d gun game?

Those games are not so interesting?

Stupid graphics and funny effects?

Drop them out and take this one!

We selected 24 most popular and powerful weapons for you!!

And, the most important thing is, everthing is rendered in 3d, with extremely realistic effects and cool souds!

*G-Sensor to simulate realistic motion, just shake your iPhone or touch the screen to control the operation
*Recoil effect
*Awesome animation and graphics
*Excellent original sound (you can even hear the bullet shell dropping)
*Smoke-filled effect while shooting
*Infinite ammo
*Torrent or single shot

M4A1 、FAMAS 、SCAR-H 、TAR-21 、FAL 、ACR 、F2000 、AK-47

Frag 、 Electric saw 、 FlameGun 、 X-Gun

M21 、 M200

M1014 、ShotGun


USP 04 、USP 05 、Desert Eagle 、 TRACKER 、 REVOLVER

M4 、 M134

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