3D Noid

App videos can be seen on our website!

Here comes the best breakout game ever…

In full 3D,
with realistic physics and graphics,
with pumping beats,
with cool 3D sound effects,
with full OpenFeint support
3D Noid will become your new addiction!

You can
- send challenges to your friends
- unlock achievements
- view global / friends / personal high score lists

In game control is completely touch free. All you need to do is tilt your device. Adjust the “view angle” setting in options to pick your most comfortable neutral orientation of your device.


january 16, 2010: “Ok, first off: this game rocks…” toucharcade.com

january 19, 2010: “3D Noid Brings a New Angle to Breakout Games for the iPhone…” insidesocialgames.com

january 24 2010: “online high scores, achievements, and the ability to challenge friends this really is a great game…” thebombsauce.com


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