3D Monkey Curling

3D Monkey Curling is a fun and simple game. You can play alone, with AI or amongst other players.

The aim of the game is to curl monkeys towards a target. Use the touch screen to select the power and direction and then tilt your device left or right to set the spin.

You can play with up to 4 players and knock their monkeys out of the way. You are able to save scores onto the device and also submit them online to check your rank amongst other players.

There are 4 themes, rendered in beautiful, realtime 3D graphics (Icy Wood, Snow Mountains, Raging Volcano and Xmas). The themes use incredible snow and ash effects. There are also 3 types of music to choose from or you can play your own.

Realtime 3D graphics with realtime snow and ash effects using the Retina Display to the fullest.
Simple touch screen and motion controls making use of the iPhone 4’s gyroscope.
Play with up to 4 players with different mixtures of AI or human players.
Easy to get a good score; impossible to get a perfect one.
Easy, Normal and Hard AI settings.
3 different music tracks with a mute option for your own music or silence.
Toggleable snow/ash effects, produced in realtime.
4 themes. Icy Wood, Snow Mountains, Raging Volcano and Xmas. Raging Volcano includes smoke effects.
Local, top-ten, named scores with option to remove them.
Online score submission showing today’s, this week’s and all-time scores.
Intuitive menu systems making use of advanced touch screen features.
Share score on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and by Email.
Lots of monkey business.

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