3D Meteor

Fly into a meteor shower and shoot’em up! Crosshairs and all in 3D!

This action game puts you in the shooter’s seat! Blast thorough space. Your shield will help protect you, but it is weakened with each head on collision with a meteor. Of course you got a certain shooting range! Clean up the meteor belt and make the galaxy yours. Tilt your sights towards safety and good luck!

This game has old school arcade features. You will be tested in speed Mach 1. Functionality includes the ability to email your high scores and works with both accelerometer and touch screen/pad play.

-the accelerator control sets an anchor point at program start and each time u click the ‘Mach 1′ to play. So lean back and enjoy! If the screen is completely vertical than u got to think about the iPhone like a steering wheel to move the cross-hair along the x-Axis.

-Super wide stereo sound. Ear-plug blaster!

-Game is recommended for 3GS & 2nd Gen iTouch only.

Play the free and full flash online version of 3D Meteor http://www.advance-media.com/game/3Dmeteor.html